We collect only that information that you explicitly give us; we don’t do cookies, we don’t check which browser you’re using, we don’t care how big your monitor may be, and we don’t store any information that we don’t need to fulfil your request. We do not sell or publish your personal data, and we take reasonable precautions to secure them on our servers.

However, note that we do not offer encrypted forms; we don’t do financial transactions via our web site. So, any form you fill on our site will be transmitted in clear text, and may be intercepted. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not submit your personal information through our forms.

None of our forms requires you to give us any personal data in order to make a comment. If you prefer to give only an e-mail address, we can respond to questions without needing to know your phone number or name. You decide what we know.

We store your information if:

  • we are doing business with you
  • you have asked to be added to our mailing list
  • we are in the middle of a dialogue with you

If you have sent us personal information via any means, and want us to remove that information from our files, just contact us and let us know. So long as we’re not in the middle of a financial transaction with you, we will comply with your request promptly. Data related to financial transactions may be held longer, subject only to the requirements of tax law.